How to get the Arabic TV on your amazon Fire

if you have


installed this code


instead of the URL

and hit GO

to download

arabicFireTV Player

and ask for instant Activation.


إذا كان عندك تطبيق


افتحة و اكتب الرمز


مكان الرابط

و إضغت


و تعمل داونلود لتطبيقنا

arabicFireTV Player

وأطلب التفعيل فورا


How to Setup Downloader on your amazon Fire

1. From the FireStick home-screen, click Find in the middle bar.

(Find). ١- إضغط على زر البحث


2. Now Click Search.                                                            (Search) ٢-الآن إختار 


Downloader ٣- إبحث عن تطبيق 

  Get  و عندما يظهر في نتائج البحث - إختاره - اضغط علي

حتى يتم تثبيته على جهازك

3. Search for the Downloader app. Select it in the search results and then click on Get or Download to install it on your device.


Settings ٤- الآن إذهب لأيقونة الإعدادات اللي على شكل ترس

4. Now click Settings (the gear icon) on the far right of the home screen.


5. Click My Fire TV. إضغط على 


6. Next, choose Developer options ٦- بعد ذلك إختار 


7. Click Install unknown apps.

Note: If you are still using the old version of FireStick, click Apps from Unknown Sources and turn it ON. You can skip step 8 below.


8. Turn ON the option for Downloader.


9. Now open the Downloader app. You will notice that it launches with the Home tab selected by default. Navigate to the URL field on the right and click it.


10. The window that pops up allows you to enter the source URL of the APK using the on-screen keyboard. Enter this code 803235 to download the APK file for arabicFireTV and click GO.


11. The next window will display Downloader connecting to the server. The window after that will show it downloading the arabicFireTV APK file onto your FireStick device. Let the download complete.


12. The installation will initiate on its own. On the following screen, use your remote’s navigation keys to select the NEXT button at the bottom right (ignore this part if you don’t see NEXT). The NEXT button will be replaced by INSTALL. Click the INSTALL button.


You have successfully installed arabicFireTV APK on FireStick.

  • Now you need to exit Downloader

  • Open and start using the app arabicFireTV.

TO ACTIVATE your App, you need to:

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